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Consultancy Services

Information technology infrastructure is an ever evolving domain that needs continuous engagement and nurturing. The business owner and the people at the helm are required to take ‘informed’ decision based on the applicability and usefulness of the technology. However, not very often this becomes practically possible and decisions are taken based on limited or out-of-date technological information and knowhow. Asr Soft Tech BRIDGES THIS EXACT GAP. Our seasoned IT infrastructure and implementation consultants can help you taking well-informed decisions strictly on the basis of business and organizational needs. With our IT consultancy services, you not only increase the growth of your business, but also give you an exclusive competitive edge.

Experience Matters

Most of the Asr Soft Tech consultants have years of experience solving complex business problems through the right technology implementation and practices.

Technology 'weds' Business

We deliver the perfect match-making of technology with business needs and thus solve the core problem of any business – speedily generate revenue.

Neutral and unbiased

When it comes to choosing the right technology, we are unbiased; we select only the best in terms of applicability, cost and practical use.

Truly business-centric

We do not try fitting Tom’s solution to Harry – as simple as that! Our approach is completely customized and fixated on the business or situation in question.

Down-to-earth approach

We do not believe that fancy stuff can do nice things. Rather going for the most talked-about technology, we prefer to opt the most cost-effective one.

Practical and reality-based

Our consultancy service is based on real-world situations, timeframe, cost and overall outcome. If the implementation is impractical do advise AGAINST it.

Highly motivated

We are passionate about things we do. Nothing gives us more pleasure than happy faces of our customers and our customers’ customers.

Knowledge and skills

We can back our decision and stick to it because of our continuous effort towards garnering better skills and wider knowledge-base.

Methods and processes

We are process oriented and unemotional when it comes to planning. We gather requirement, plan meticulously, execute to it to a dot and close the process.


How IT consultancy service by Asr Soft Tech can benefit any business, anywhere

  • Right blend of experience and skills – from seasoned IT professionals to young programming nerds, we have everything
  • We have strong development expertise in web, mobile and business solutions
  • We understand marketing and naturally we know where the money is
  • No compromise on quality – we never ask the business owner to deviate from the standards
  • Strong business setup and infrastructure – our own setup is a robust one employing some 150+ employees in our office
  • No hidden cost or elasticized budgeting – we keep costing and finances always transparent and hardly make any change as things progress
  • Understanding the impact of technology on the existing manpower is important and we always do critical mapping of both
  • Our consultants are excellent project managers with years of experience and vast knowledge of managing complex IT projects
  • When we take up a consultancy project, we become part of the business team so that the end result is win-win for both
  • Preventative attitude towards solving business issues, rather than a reactionary approach