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Planning for an Online Business? Asr Soft Tech is your best Bet

Three things are common for all online business globally – audience specific design, business specific features and placement of the USP. From e-commerce to deals and online analytics to match-making websites, these principles are applicable everywhere. At Asr Soft Tech, we understand these factors quite well and accordingly we always plan our online business solutions. From technology and design to business planning and digital marketing, we cover almost everything an online business owner needs to run a successful business and generate hefty profit steadily.

Business Planning

Before disembark with your online product, service or platform, you need a solid business plan to guide you. Asr Soft Tech can do that!

Choice of technology

Whether you need an off-the-shelf framework or custom development, you can leave it to us. We’ll choose the most suitable and cost-friendly technology.

Deliver in stages

Online business flourishes in stages. You bring a feature; your user become at home and you bring the next. Asr Soft Tech can set the chronology.

Business Analysis

You may already have an online business running not-so-smoothly or simply planning for a new one. We can give you a business viability report.

Audience Study

What exactly lures your online audience the most? Well, we can find that out and give you the right technology setup to run the business.

Design and UI/UX

UI/UX is of paramount importance for any online business as your site’s ingress and egress decides the fate of your business. We know how to do it.

Light and effective solution

We don’t make your online business top-heavy; rather, we can help you create a strong technology-backed foundation to flourish the business.

Domain expertise

Our development and planning teams have plethora of experience in implementing various models for online businesses across the globe. It’s always handy!

Online business marketing

Market your business online without burning your pocket on web, mobile and social media. We understand the nuances of promoting business online.


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How to differentiate the Online Business solution and services from Asr Soft Tech?

  • Total technology coverage – web development, Android and iOS app; most of the businesses run on all three.
  • One design for all – our design service will ensure that you have a display uniformity across all devices for your online platform
  • Online business needs thorough planning as things may go haywire instantly. We prevent that by complete Planning.
  • Deep Domain understanding is needed to provide solution to shape any new or existing online business idea. We have plenty of that.
  • Asr Soft Tech ensures that the solution is cost-effective and scalable.

  • We can help you to perform competitive analysis so that your online business is always one-step ahead
  • Online Marketing friendly – not only web-friendly website, we can also pack your portal with features to communicate well over social and direct mobile marketing
  • Effort vs. Return – investment in technology and marketing should yield the highest possible return and we maintain that for you
  • Online business is about driving the right message through the right content. We can tell you how to do that.
  • Complete coverage of all aspects to run an online business with elan

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