Magento-A leading solution for e-commerce industries

Magento is a popular development platform which has high ranking when it comes to e-commerce and open commerce innovation. This platform is used by more than 1 million companies which include biggest brands, retailers, corporations and more. It is being used globally. Originally it was drafted in PHP and it helps to develop e-commerce websites for the delight of the customer. It also enhances the shopping experience. Magento has a cloud-based portfolio which embraces retailing partner, order management and more.

Features of megento

1. Assign certain roles and permission which are beyond the administration
2. The user could access multiple stores online
3. Easy integration of API between other applications and Magento
4. Payment gateway and order management tool integration option
5. For overseeing web pages it has integrated content management tools
6. Integrated tool of SEO for the analysis and optimization of web page

Services of Magento through ASR IT Consultants

Magento features with the objective of reshaping performance and growth.


Scalable Solutions

The solutions provided by Magento are highly scalable and we try our best when it comes to making it easy to understand by the customers. We work extensively towards redesigning and reshaping your website.

Flexible & Adaptive

The services provided by us are quite flexible and is perfectly fitting to the demand of the customers. Adapting to what actually the customer needs has always been our priority.

Customizable productivity

With the help of ASR IT Consultants through Magento, you tend to get easy to use dashboard for managing all your orders in the e-commerce business. It is completely based on the requirement of the customers.

Enhanced Development

The development services provided by Magento is done keeping in mind the demands of the customers. With this, you can boost up revenue for your e-commerce services and it also offers end-to-end solution and great strategies.

Digital marketing services

The digital marketing services provided by Magento also includes one-click integration, UX design. Each of it is high performance integrated. It also improves the ranking of your website.

Conversion rates

ASR IT Consultants provides you with one of the most innovative and skilled Magento services. It is highly focused on offering e-commerce strategies and solutions which helps in the better performance of your business.